Anyone do a free first time psychic reading?

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Anyone do a free first time psychic reading?
I am totally broke, but need some honest help. Does anyone do free readings, or know of anyone that does?? Thanks for any help you can give!

Suggestion by christianeturak
Yeah I do readings. I also do botty calls.

Suggestion by Piltdown Man
Sorry, no freebies here. We psychics have to make a living, you know.

Suggestion by in case of emergency mike angel.
you do not have much but you should be happy with what you have, ): Fulfillment and joy in life and love. Feeling peace, tranquility, and contentment in friends and family. Taking delight in one’s good fortune.

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Has an astrologer ever predicted your future and it was accurate?
If not has a psychic ever predicted an accurate future for you?
I know one has and I have heard of many other psychics that predicted someone’s future which came out true, but I am not sure about astrologers..

I am not into this sort of thing really but it’s just that time might have been a coincidence and I want to hear everyone else’s views.

Suggestion by petra
Yes! I wasn’t even there for myself as I would sooner not know.
She did rune stone readings and after my sister’s reading she kept getting distracted by something from me, then finally she did a free reading and told me about my approaching divorce due to my husband’s infidelity, how many children I’d have, many mountains to climb before finding real love, and moving around a lot. Many other details but I’ve forgotten them now.

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Anyone knows a good psychic reading person and websites?
I am looking for free and also non free good psychic websites and psychic readers included. If anyone knows any good ones that is recommended please let me know, thank you so much 🙂

Suggestion by ashfire1109
Free or nothing IMO

Their is a good one that does your life paths numerology and astrology free.. and it gives some insight.. albeit vague but still cool imo

Suggestion by James Lee
Recommended both free reading by email and paid phone reading from Psychic Source. You can read a professional review site here:

Suggestion by Rekima
Hi Daniel, if your looking for a good website that will provide you with an accurate and precise reading. Try and check on the link below. Universal Psychic Guild is one of the largest Psychic Guild in the world. They provides accurate psychic readings about life, love and success and immediate answers to your questions.

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  1. dinesh s says

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