Did you have a spiritual or paranormal event happen to you?

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Did you have a spiritual or paranormal event happen to you?
I believe I had two moments of psychic predictions where I predicted bad events in my car before they happened.

Suggestion by ccnice1
I had a similar event in a car. I buckled my seatbelt seconds before a bad accident. It saved my life.

Suggestion by ChainLightninGâ…ś
Nope. Being a critical thinker means that I never will.

“Faith is the great cop-out, the great excuse to evade the need to think and evaluate evidence. Faith is belief in spite of, even perhaps because of, the lack of evidence”.

Richard Dawkins

Suggestion by Nate w
It was not psychic god just simply sent you a vision and saved you life it was all spiritual if I was you I’d get on my knees and thank god because in the devils eyes you should not be alive

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Do you think the Aswan dam will be destroyed in Egypt?
I had a psychic prediction that the aswan dam in egypt will be destroyed by teorrists.I looked at that dam on google and its a pretty wide dam.

Suggestion by leviticus_squid
It’s good that you have made a record of it.
Do you have any more details in case what you have predicted does take place?

jdccghosthunter – seems to think that America is the only country that is effected by terrorists…. why don’t y’all join his forum.

Suggestion by jdccghosthunter
nope, i think that’s a buncha crap. if terrorists were going to bomb some place, they’d bomb some place that means a lot to america…not egypt.

Suggestion by sunny d
for your information America is not the only country targeted how about subway Paris France or London UK innocent people died there and about Aswan dam lately while meditating i gat images of pyramids hieroglyphs birds popping in my mind it’s related to Egypt

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How can I time-release a password on a ZIP file?
I need to be able to send someone a password protected ZIP file of some documents, along with a password to unzip it. Both the ZIP file and password need to be sent to the person prior to 12:00am each midnight. Yet they cannot or should not be allowed to open the ZIP file until 9am. Is there a method to accomplish this? Or is there an online file sharing method which would allow me to send them a file, which they can see/confirm has been sent, yet they cannot open it until the morning? In a sense, like virtual escrow?

The purpose is for a psychic prediction event in association with various newspapers. On their end, they need to receive the prediction files (and password to unlock it) prior to midnight. That is their safety rule imposed on me. My rule imposed on them is that the file will not be opened until the start of the business day, and I need a method to ensure this.

Any other variables/ideas are welcomed. The prediction content is electronic in nature (text and images). I will opt for a middle-man approach if no other option. Budge is zero at the moment, so using a professional escrow service or independent security person could not be used right now.

RE Brian’s reply below: They are not convinced that the password sent in the morning would not perhaps be unlocking a different set of documents within the zip file. As if there is a means somehow to hide some files, and not others. I know there is no means (it made me giggle), but that was their request. If the predictions go well, they have agreed to use more robust third-party measures. As a newcomer, I am stuck with this limitation. Although I think your logic is obviously correct.

Suggestion by Brian Taylor
Just provide the zip file before midnight and the password after. Why would they need the password unless they are attempting to open it before the agreed on time?

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  1. Peter D says

    So the psychic said the Aswan dam would be destroyed. Did the psychic say when it would be destroyed and by what means?

    I doubt it. It’s a high-profile target in a volatile region, so I’m sure it’s been on psychic prediction lists for a while now. As such, this is a general, open-ended prediction. So as long as the dam stands the psychic will never be wrong unless he/she gets more specific.

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