how can i read tarot using a regular deck of playing cards?

how can i read tarot using a regular deck of playing cards?
i want to do a tarot reading using a normal deck of playing cards how do i do it?

Suggestion by Believe the Unbelievable
By using your imagination.

Suggestion by Freak Of Nurture
It really doesn’t matter much. Use whatever method you imagine to be best.

Suggestion by KEALY
P[ace cards in drawer. Ask your question. You don’t need cards.

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tarot reading

What’s the name of the Degrassi: The Boiling Point episode where Eli & Clare are doing a tarot card reading?
I thought I saw every episode this past season but I keep seeing things on Youtube and random fan sites with pictures and video clips of Clare & Eli in a tent doing a tarot reading. He’s wearing a black hat and she has some crystal thing goin on I believe… And she draws The Lovers and some other card. Which episode is that scene in?

Suggestion by Jess
its not in an episode its their part in the promo for the show before it started airing during the summer. it was like old fashion carnival themed and everyone in the cast had a part in it.

Suggestion by Midnight Snack
That wasn’t in any episode this season. It was actually in the promo leading up to this season which was surprisingly well done. Take a Gander! The scene you’re talking about starts around the 1:33 mark.

Suggestion by Zoey
Its not an episode. It was a promo music video of things that were going to happen during the boiling point. It was something that made people guess what they thought would happen.

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tarot reading
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