How do I contact Long Island Medium theresa Caputo?

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How do I contact Long Island Medium theresa Caputo?
Does anyone know where I can contact Theresa Caputo for a group reading? Her website seems to be downs. Do you know of an updated website with an email that she will actually respond to?
Thank you.

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concentrate really hard !

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theresa caputo

Why can’t all women get nails like Theresa caputo?
Women don’t realize that Theresa caputo nails look much more feminine.They are much longer than most women.You don’t see too many women getting them done like caputo,and many won’t even get them done at all.Why not?Caputo is fairly popular and why wouldn’t they realize that her signature long nails are more feminine?

Suggestion by נєѕѕу ❤
Never heard of the woman, so I googled her.

I have naturally healthy long nails, but due to the fact I often play a variety of different guitars and the fact I prefer to use my nails instead of a plectrum, they’re often battered to death.

I don’t know why people make such a big deal out of nails.
They’re not attractive or impressive, no matter how long or how much glitter you apply.

Suggestion by James McHawthorne
that woman is so fucking ugly…

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theresa caputo
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