How to contact or get a reading with theresa caputo?

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How to contact or get a reading with theresa caputo?
also how much would a reading cost by her?

Suggestion by Vascular Improbability
If by this you mean she’s a psychic, then shouldn’t she already know you want to contact her and go ahead and contact you first? Why bother with the delay? Her great powers must be used for good, not to wait idly by the phone.

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theresa caputo

How do I ease my anxiety over these awful dreams I’ve been having?
Hi, I don’t really know how to begin this question. I’m afraid I’ll sound crazy (because, you know, this is the Internet, and any crackpot with computer access can get on here and claim crazy things- see definition of “troll”).
I guess I’ll go ahead with my story and see what happens.
A few weeks ago I had a terrible lucid dream about a school shooting. When I woke up from the dream, I had an unexplainable, but powerfully cold, fearful feeling that “something bad” was going to happen to a lot of people, and it was going to involve a gun. I freaked out for a minute, then I went to my kitchen to make breakfast and looked at the digital clock on my oven. I saw that it was 9:47 a.m. and I felt oddly compelled to add the numbers of the current time together. So I did. 9+4+7= 20. At that exact moment I felt like I just KNEW at least 20 people were going to die in this “bad thing” that I feared for literally no reason. I made breakfast, watched a DVD. Then I turned on my TV. The first thing I saw was a news headline that read “At least 20 Killed in Elementary School Shooting”.
Look. I would never, ever, EVER make light of a tragedy like the one that occurred at Sandy Hook. It was a horrible, horrible thing that makes me want to cry every time I think about it. So I am not someone who is using that tragedy to seek attention online.
I’m an agnostic. I don’t believe in psychic abilities or the paranormal or anything like that. So no, I don’t think I’m the next Theresa Caputo either. I think it was just a really frightening coincidence. However, I can’t stop having terrible anxiety and nightmares because of this coincidence, and this morning I had a lucid dream about a bombing in Times Square that was so frightening I was jolted awake by it. I woke up at 6:59 a.m. 6+5+9= 20. Do you see how this is giving me anxiety on a daily basis?! I don’t even know what kind of answer I’m looking for, maybe someone to tell me I’m not crazy, or that they’ve had a similar experience?

Suggestion by Rob the Baptist
Definitely demonic,
To dream of someone dying may be a warning of impending physical death. Death may also symbolize a person’s need for a spiritual awakening, Eph. 2:5. Dreaming of death may also be caused by demonic influences.Do you know that Angels talk to us in our sleep which is when we are at our weakest the worst is that’s when demons love to attack our minds.The only hope for you to overcome these “nightmares”is with the Angelical powers Jesus gives us over the evil of earth.That is why Christians pray before sleep,learn Spiritual Warfare and bind evil powers in the name of Jesus.Go to,I guarantee your nightmares will go away.I know you might write these things off as coincidences but someone is trying to open your blind eyes,I was a doubter too before being attacked for years until reluctantly coming to Christ which is the only true power over evil,I have seen with my own eyes.God Bless you

Suggestion by Gary
Hey there,

I can see how the one dream that you had could give you some bad anxiety. While I’m not denying the possibility that dreams can hold a key to future events, I find it very unlikely this is the case. There have been several shootings over the past months. It’s sad but it seems like there is one nearly every month. However the terrible acts carried out by that dark individual at Sandy Hook was especially sad and is enough to bring grown men to their knees. So I can see how you could be so upset about this. However you could not have prevented it and you did not cause it.

You’re not crazy and I have had very similar dreams that were nothing short of statistical anomalies. You have to remember though, your subconscious mind is what creates your dreams. It is pretty well established that your subconscious mind is in many ways, more advanced than your conscious self. It stores information that you are not aware of and could not otherwise retrieve with the exception of dreams, meditation and hypnosis.

For example you could have a very deep fear of a school shooting taking place near you and affecting those you love and know. This fear could have very well have manifested itself in your dream and coincidentally fell on the same day that lunatic decided to take the lives of innocent little children. Ask yourself this, why did you decide to add the numbers instead of subtract them, divide them, or multiply them? There are several combinations that can be used to equal 20, especially when the minutes are split into separate ones.

I think you experienced an extremely bizarre coincidence and nothing more. Not to mention the shooting had already occurred prior to you adding those 3 numbers.

Also, those were not lucid dreams you had unless you were awake in your dreams. (realized you were dreaming and knew the events were not real). Those dreams sound like they were vivid not lucid. I hope i settled some of your anxiety and if not shoot me an email and I would be happy to give you a much longer and convincing reply. 🙂

P.S. If you want the dreams to stop being negative you should write the beginning of your dream down and change the ending to something much happier. It’s a common method used in psycho therapy to treat people with nightmares.

Suggestion by psychicts
Hi Niomi,

The first dream you mentioned was a psychic situation. It was a dream premonition or dream precognition. Psychic abilities are not really paranormal and they don’t have anything to do with god. Psychic abilities are natural. It is just another sense that we all have. Everyone has it, but until you are open to the idea you won’t be able to fully realize it. But really, it is very natural and it has a scientific basis.

Everything we see is vibration. The light hitting our eyes? Vibration. The sound waves hitting our ears? Vibration. The colors that we see? Vibration. All we are seeing is energy – vibration. Psychics are able to sense and interpret MORE of the vibration than everyone else who has dormant abilities. That’s all.

Trust your dreams, trust your intuition and know that there are no coincidences. But at the same time, relax. I can only imagine how upsetting the shooting dream premonition must have been – I have never gotten a dream premonition, premonition, telepathic message or psychic read of anything that horrific. But if you relax and meditate and do calming activities, not only will you feel better, but you should attract fewer of these more negative premonitions. Dream premonitions don’t have to be so negative. I have had positive ones as well as negative ones.


Also, look into the law of attraction. Nothing can assert itself into your experience. Ever. You control your reality and your response to your reality. Just remember that, think positive thoughts and your dreams will become more positive as well.

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On the show long island medium, what is the bag Theresa Caputo uses ?
It is a bag on the larger side sit has lightblue and white checker pattern and a light brown lining.

Suggestion by c
Who cares she is fake and it is bought with the money of people being exploited for profit.

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theresa caputo
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