Info on getting a reading from Theresa Caputo the “Long Island Medium”?

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Info on getting a reading from Theresa Caputo the “Long Island Medium”?
* If you are just going to say that she is fake, then don’t answer. *
Please help, how do I contact her? I would love to try to get an appointment with her for my dad. I know it will take years, but all info will help. Does anyone know how much a private appointment would be? What about a group? Any extra information you have I would love to know. Please Please Please help! Thank you (:

Suggestion by wyomugs
Best thing to do is search for the show’s website. But I do know that she is booked, like, 5 years!

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can anyone share an experience had with theresa caputo?
i am really into her show and due to the sole fact it is a reality show I am kinda hesitant to the actuality of her ‘gift’ and i know a lot of people are saying she is fake but since shes been doing several readings every day for the past several years, and many shows there has to be someone on this forum who has had contact with her, either at a show or a private/group/spontaneous reading. so please share i would like to determine myself, from other peoples experiences, whether i think shes real or not since ill never be getting an appointment for a reading due to a 2 year wait list. feel free to share your thoughts and reasons as to why you think shes legit or fake.

Suggestion by Bassist
1. She’s fake, because they all are. She isn’t even one of the better fakes I’ve seen.
2. She has the WORST hairstyle I have ever seen in my life.

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