Q&A: Who is the best psychic pokemon in pokemon fire red?

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Who is the best psychic pokemon in pokemon fire red?
who is the best psychic pokemon to fight the elite 4 with. so this doesn’t include mewto and people you can get after.

Suggestion by UniqueGuy©

Suggestion by Fridrik Stefansson

If you cant trade then Mr.mime

Suggestion by so sweet

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What is the best Psychic pokemon on Heart Gold?
Im thinking of getting espeon since I cant trade for Alakazam at the moment. Are there any other Psychic pokemon which would be better than espeon?

Suggestion by Izzy
I don’t really like the Eeveelutions because they learn moves so late. I would choose Gallade (if you have a Dawn Stone), Gardevior, or Metagross. But you don’t have to have a psychic type, you could teach a pokemon the TM Psychic. I like doing this with Ghost pokemon, especially Gengar.

Suggestion by Navewhite
Eveelutions are usually bad and learn very little moves of their type. Espeon especially. You NEED an alakazam, but if it is too hard for you get one, Gallade is a good choice, but he learns 3 psychic moves from level up which are all weak but pyscho cut. He can learn a wide variety of moves though, such as Night Slash, Leaf Blade, and Close Combat. If not gallade i would get Metagross, but if you have him i recommend him being fast and knowing earthquake, unless you have a water or ground pokemon. If you don’t you need him to know earthquake because he gets owned in 1 hit by pretty much any fire move.

Suggestion by timmy4021
mr. mime, hypno, kadabra, gardevoir, xatu, slowbro, jynx, latias

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  1. Bloodthirstymffn says

    Um, Lugia…?
    Its on 70….just sayin’…
    Otherwise, Espeon works, but I have an Umbreon which I taught Psychic, so…

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