What does it mean to dream about psychics?

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What does it mean to dream about psychics?
I had a dream that i was going to get a reading from a psychic, and she only spoke spanish so my friend was there translating. I dont remember what she said but it was good things. After the reading she gave me $ 120. What does this mean? On top of that, now that i had this dream, i told my friend that i want to see a psychic, turns out the one she sees is a spanish speaking one, so she offered to come with me to translate.

Suggestion by Jerry

Suggestion by Joyk of the Yeah
Dreams are usually opposite. You are going to lose money to the fake phsycic. I dreamt that i met a black Phsycic who told me that my grandma has 2 onths left to live. It passed way more then two months now. It’s almost 2 yeahs now.

Suggestion by vicreiff
Here’s what it means when you break it down:
psychic- desires to know the unknown. You are experiencing anxieties about the future and in achieving your goals. Additionally, you may feel a lack of control in the path that your life is taking.
spanish- message from your subconscious that you do not yet understand. Alternatively, you may not be making yourself clear to others.
friend-signify aspects of your personality that you have rejected, but are ready to incorporate and acknowledge. The relationships you have with those around you are important in learning about yourself. Alternatively, dreaming of a friend indicates positive news
money- see or win money in your dream indicates that success and prosperity is within your reach. Money represents confidence, self-worth, success, or values. You have much belief in yourself.Alternatively, dreaming about money refers to your attitudes about love and matters of the heart. It is a common symbol for sexuality and power. In particular, finding money indicates your quest for love or for power.

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What fantasy auther to cast my love on?
I love Anne Mccaffrey, Robin Hobb, Kristen Britain etc.

I am a bit lost as to what author to indulge myself in next. I prefer the stories set in medieval like surroundings.

Does anyone have some suggestions?


Suggestion by Froggy
Piers Anthony. The Xanth books are darn funny as an added bonus.

Suggestion by JimPettis
From these:


Included is a list of only the best sorcery fantasy books, grade reading level, a short review of each book, and a “reader’s choice” list of favorite books.

From this list, all but Vance, Zelazny and Anthony should fit your bill. Beagle’s book is somewhat intentionally time-irrelevant: for example, there is mention of sound recording, yet modern technology is conspicuously absent (much like an Arthurian tale). Thomas Covenant is “set” in “modern” times (the 70s, actually), but he travels to another “world” where modern technology is completely absent. Seventh Son is set in an imaginary early 1800s America.

Another that you may like, not on the list, is Katherine Kurtz’s Deryni series, particularly the Camber trilogy http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deryni_novels#The_Legends_of_Camber_of_Culdi . It is about an ethnic group in a medi-eval British type of world. They have both psychic and (with proper training) ritual magic powers, and like the real middle-ages, religion is everywhere and permeates both the stories and the magic. The religion is primarily reminiscent of the Church of England. I like these both because of the fantasy element and because of the way that religion is a pervasive guiding presence in their magic as well as their lives. Thus, recognizing my prejudice in this regard, I have not put them on my list of “excellents”. Nevertheless, for any Christian, these should easily qualify as “excellent”.

I hope this helps.

Jim, http://www.jimpettis.com/wheel/

Suggestion by sdurio
Mercedes Lackey. She makes interesting twists on classic fairy tales.

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