Who is the best psychic on the internet? I know psychics are real just need help fo find another psychic?

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Who is the best psychic on the internet? I know psychics are real just need help fo find another psychic?
I have try keen liveperson eBay Etsy California psychics and USA psychics everyone that I have used was all scams.

I know they are people that are gifted I ask for help me find a real psychic not people answer saying they all are fakes.

I am a open mined person and I know psychis are real my wife use to know a psychic that was real she pass away she was ahead on everything about our life and we didn’t give her any info or even tell her what area we need help in so she didn’t just read us by the way we was acting or anything like that I know how most people that are not understanding think.

I would just like to know were I can find another person as gifted as she was. Like I said I have try lots of places and I know how to pick out the fakes this is just getting old looking all of the time.

Thank you for any help that you maybe able to give.

Suggestion by ChainLightninG
That first person that won a million dollars by simply proving such ability. Oh, wait…nobody has done this yet. Well then, they are all scammers until someone can get the money.

Suggestion by Talk Psychic
The best place to find real Psychics who have been tested and are for real is
www.TalkPsychic.com or 1-888-813-2277
All of them are dedicated to helping you and really care.
This company has been around forever and their Psychics are always good.
Never a bad Reading. Always sincere help. Just sayin’.

Suggestion by Rayna
I wish I could tell you. I haven’t had any luck looking for one one the internet myself. I’m sure there are real ones out there, but they’re drowning in a sea of fakes and it’s hard to tell them apart.

What do you think? Answer below!

How does raspberry ketone work to lose body fat?

Suggestion by Miserable Bar Stard
it doesn’t. Calorie deficits loose fat.

Suggestion by ClickMaster
It doesn’t. It’s just another scam.

RK is has not been proven in any scientific studies to be efficacious in humans. The active ingredient, 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one, is not known to have the effect Dr. Oz stated and the side effects of RK on humans when taken orally as a supplement are not established or well understood. Hence, people with fat issues, should do as the best minds in nutrition and health on the planet, the US National Institute of Health, have been recommending for decades and avoid all supplements unless recommended by a health care professional.

The fact is that a person buying RK will not know how much of the active ingredient is in the product and if they did know, they would not know if that amount was effective for them. And, because the side effects on humans are not clear and supplements makers hate law suits, they’re not inclined to put much of the active ingredient in their product. Supplements are not required to be tested and there is no guarantee what is on the label will be in the package. In short, most fat loss supplements are little more than scams.

When it is proven that 4-(4-hydroxyphenyl) butan-2-one is efficacious and safe for humans, you will see Big Pharma producing it in a prescription-only oral form and, of course, that will be followed by national advertising in mass media…something you don’t see now because scammers can’t afford serious ad campaigns and are stuck with the cheap “reach” of the internet. There’s considerable profit to be made. In the mean time, the best option for the average person with fat issues is proper eating, plain & simple. Just as with acai, the buying public will eventually learn RK is no panacea for fat problems, the mania will subside, and we’ll be waiting for the next big fat loss supplement that doesn’t work to come along.

Dr. Oz is the worst kind of information source because he promotes both good and bad information in equal measure making it all but impossible for his audience to separate the fact from the fiction and, thereby, leaving them to conclude that much of his quackery is in fact truth. The painful results has been hordes of people spending their hard earned money on hopeless remedies and tonics such as acai berries, raspberry ketones, green tea, and African mango extracts.

Here are just a few of the hundreds of experts who are speaking out about his quackery

Ref: http://www.randi.org/site/index.php/jref-news/1260-pigasus-2011.html
“The Media Pigasus Award goes to Dr. Mehmet Oz, who has done such a disservice to his TV viewers by promoting quack medical practices that he is now the first person to win a Pigasus two years in a row. Dr. Oz is a Harvard-educated cardiac physician who, through his syndicated TV show, has promoted faith healing, “energy medicine,” and other quack theories that have no scientific basis. Oz has appeared on ABC News to give legitimacy to the claims of Brazilian faith healer “John of God,” who uses old carnival tricks to take money from the seriously ill. He’s hosted Ayurvedic guru Yogi Cameron on his show to promote nonsense “tongue examination” as a way of diagnosing health problems. This year, he really went off the deep end. In March 2011, Dr. Oz endorsed “psychic” huckster and past Pigasus winner John Edward, who pretends to talk to dead people. Oz even suggested that bereaved families should visit psychic mediums to receive (faked) messages from their dead relatives as a form of grief counseling.”

Ref: http://www.ktradionetwork.com/health/dr-mehmet-oz-is-a-fraud/
Note the excerpt: “Dr. Mehmet Oz is a huge promoter of vaccines. He’s been on television reinforcing fear about H1N1 swine flu and telling everyone to get vaccinated. But what he didn’t tell his viewing audience is that he holds 150,000 option shares in a vaccine company that could earn him millions of dollars in profits as the stock price rises. It is in Dr. Oz’s own financial interest, in other words, to hype up vaccines and get more people taking them so that his own financial investments rise in value.”

Ref: http://www.sciencebasedmedicine.org/index.php/for-shame-dr-oz/
“So what has led me to conclude that I’ve finally completely had it with Dr. Oz? Or, as Popeye would say, “I’ve had all I can stands, I can’t stands no more!””

Ref: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=04gaxcrVRxY
This one you have to watch.

Good luck and good health!!

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Who is the best psychic on the internet? I know psychics are real just need help fo find another psychic?, 10.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating
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  1. Krystal says

    When it comes to online psychic readings you need to be cautious. Be smart about it and get a professional reading from reputable, legitimate company. Why don’t you try Psychic Access? They contract some of most accurate psychics and gifted mediums currently available online. Psychic Access is the real deal – their psychics must have at least 5 years experience as readers, and they are all screened, verified, interviewed and tested for accuracy before they are allowed to work there. New clients get a free 6-minute reading, so what have you got to lose! For more information go to http://psychicaccess.com

    Psychic Access also publishes a blog where they post daily articles written by all the psychics that work on their site. You can read more about them and their spiritual beliefs and psychic abilities, which will help you find a person that will best suit your unique needs. For more information visit http://psychicbloggers.com

    You can also listen to their weekly radio show. They offer free readings during the second half of the show. All you have to do is call in, it’s free! This way you can try their psychics out first, and you listen to them do readings for other people too. For more information visit http://psychicaccesstalkradio.com

    They also have a video gallery where you can watch a video of each of their psychics introduce themselves and the kind of readings they can do for you. Once again, it costs nothing, so check it out at http://psychicaccessvideos.com

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  2. spanishmikev001 says

    I’ve had quite a few friends use a guy named Adam Bernstein in my area. He apparently gives pretty accurate readings, like shockingly accurate. He’s pretty well known in the Woodstock community and everyone seems to think the world of him. From what I understand, his rates are fair and he does do phone readings. I put his site in the “source” box below but in case that doesn’t show just Google “Adam bernstein psychic” and you’ll find him.

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